Saturday, August 14, 2010

From the Archive

When I was shooting JPEG...

The Clock/Watch Smith

Conversation between the Ducks
"Someone please explain to me what's going on here?"
"See? They Stuffed us, massage us, and they are sending us to somewhere call Oven."
"Oh no... I'm not listening to this."
"Just ignore him."
May they rest in peace.


  1. Shot in jpeg doesn't mean not good, the clock/watch smith is a very nice pic, look like a painted pic or a 50's style advertisement. Lovely. Raw can gave you more controls opportunity, but if know waht you want, you can shot jpeg too. I knew a national geographic photographer, and he shot in jpeg. Because he knows what exposure and effects and light he wants.

  2. Shooting JPEG or RAW is just the matter of preferences. I prefer RAW, but I'm not against JPEG.