Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Whenever I introduce myself as a photographer by night, some "artist" will asked, "Can you take black and white photo?"

"Well, I don't. But I turn most of my fuzzy photo into black and white."

I do not know the romantic fuss about the black and white photo. When Van Gogh and Picasso painting away in colours, the world is moving into capturing black and white photos.

60 years later, people are still making a fuss about the essence black and white photo can bring to you.

Once, someone said to me, "Black and white photo make you think harder."

"Think harder? You mean guess harder?" I asked.

My favorite subject in the month of July - Nadia.
Just an excuse to use some makeups she hardly use =)


If I really want to take black and white photo, give me a black and white camera with loads of films and build me a dark room that can do dodge and burn.


  1. Yes, the correct use of b&w is always overused and abused.

    Most photographers seem to assume that their low-powered, boring image will be automatically be a high-powered, award winner if converted to b&w, the rest just use it to save their bad exposures.. ;)

    So who does that leave for good b&w pictures?

  2. Sometimes we forget what sentimental value is all about. :)

    Like you said, think black & white, shoot black & white. Ansel Adam would be the all time favorite for perfectly shot B&W Photography.

  3. Agreed! b&w enhances and isolates "feelings & moods" does not create them..