Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Britain


Ah~~~ England...

After 14 hours crossing half of the world, I landed in the land of fish and chips, steak and kidney pie, jellied eel, toad in the hole, blood puddings, and cider, the first thought that came into my mind was, "..."

It was freaking cold!

My mates picked me up from the airport, and we drove overnight to North Devon, which took us about 4 hours to get there (Thank God for GPS), and about an hour to get to the Hotel (No thanks to GPS).

Our adventures start here.

There was a lot of old people. There was so many of them you thought England produce old people.

We had to plan our eating time properly, because they only serve breakfast from 8 (or earlier) to 11am (the latest); lunch from 12 to 3pm; tea (if you are lucky) from 3 to 6pm; and dinner from 6 to 9pm (Some do not serve dinner on Sunday, sometimes on reservation only, and sometimes you must dress up!).

I know now why English people like to talk about weather.

When it’s sunny, it’s a good day. Perfect day to take your dog out for a walk and sit around doing nothing.

When it’s cloudy, it might rain anytime and garden party is not a good idea.

When it rains, the day is fucked! Grumble away...

English people are polite, they love their dogs, a lot of them lives in hundreds (if not thousands) year old house, they also gossip a lot, complain a lot, drink a lot of tea, and some are drunk by 12 noon.

There was a lot of houses for sale.

Technically it was still summer, but it was cloudy most of the time.

One morning, we were in the breakfast room having breakfast. Suddenly the sun shone into the room and warm the place up. And everyone around us gasp in unison...

“The SUN~~~”

The next thing we know, everyone was out in the sun with their dogs.

Being the only none British Asian surrounded by quiet white people who only whispers in the morning, we felt kind of out of place.

English people are nice when they are at your service, and is a jerk when they are not.

They can be sarcastic when they think you are wasting their time, so it is better if you know what you want in a second, or they will get back to you much later.

England has...

Lots of sheeps (all they did was sit around or graze the field).

Lots of cows (all the did was graze the field, look at their reflection in the car and charge).

Lots of horses (long leged, short leged).

Lots of dogs (Dogs have very good life here).

Lots of churches.

Lots of old people.

Underground tube can be confusing, hot and stuffy.

Trains are nice.

Barges are great!

Museums are superb!

Exhibitions are top of its class!

Theater was magnificent (and surprisingly expensive)!

Food was warm.

City people walks very fast.

Manchester and Liverpool have a lot of Chinese people.

Tower Bridge was grand.

Cathedrals are breathtaking.

Castles are haunting.

Dungeons was even more haunting.

Antic shopping can be fun.




Fish and chips are overrated.

Black puddings are nice :)

Jellied eel was weird.

Overall seafood was great!

I don’t like Cider.

Guiness everywhere!!!

Driving can be scarry if you do not know your way around, so GPS is a good gadget to have, our car came with a woman who can't shut up.

It took me a while to get used to those roundabouts.

English people do not know how to spell and/or pronounce their word.

How do you pronounce Leicester?

So... yea! My experience in England was pretty much a good one. I only wish I have lots and lots of money and have more time to graze away the goodness of England can offer.


The Last of its Glory before the Fall

(Background: Dunster Castle)

Luttrell Arms, Dunster
England, United Kingdom
September, 2010

P.S. I can't show you anymore photo at the moment because I can't switch on my laptop so I can't process any of my photos and I am very very upset :(


  1. Great post. From this ONE picture alone I know there are going to be more wonderful shots to be expected ;)