Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a couple of experience to share - I

Apple Tree

When visiting the fireman in Glouscester (pronounce as Gloss-ter), I saw my very first apple tree.

So I pointed at the not very tall tree with red and green apples all over it branches, and all over the ground, "Apple tree!"

After that I felt darn stupid.

The fireman's wife asked me, "Have you had apple before?"

"Yes. We import apple from all over the world. We just don't grow them." I said.

We got about a dozen of apples on the road when we left.


When everyone thought you'll only get the worst one in India. I've been getting a lot of it nowadays when I travel in foreign land.

When everyone thought you shouldn't get diarrhea in Western country because they are so skeptical about hygiene, well, not in my case.

Alvin suggested it was the oil in the food, I wondered if it was the apple.

The verdict - Andrea (The Italian) has a stronger stomach than me ;(


I'd watched 2 very typical English play, and 2 musicals.

Les Miserables was my favorite, tear can't stop running down my cheek every time I hear "Do you hear the people sing?". Seriously money well spent.

Blood Brothers gave me sense of achievement because I can understand Scouse. You know what they say about how no one can understand when people from Liverpool speak.

Yes, Prime Minister was very political, sarcastic and hillarious.

Spring and Port Wine was a typical English family theater. We watched this play because it was in The Mill of Sonning, 40 minutes drive out of London, in a very tranquil village in Reading. The theater has a mill to generate its own power.

I've learned, a good show is a good show when you can understand what the hell they are talking about without subtitles.

Theater, would be my MUST to do list in my next visit in London.

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