Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gold Mime

After visiting the Roman Bath Museum, we went walkabout in the square of the city of Bath.

There was a lot of activities going on in the square. Music performances, choir practice and Chinese Tourists chilling out on benches around the square.

I found them outside Bath Abbey and took the first shot.

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I want to take more shots of them, so I told my friend to put a pound into the can in front of them.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

They moved!

So there! My £1 models in gold :)

Bath Abbey
Bath, Somerset
England, United Kingdom
September, 2010


  1. Nice!..the new linking to top quality photos is just awesome. ;)

  2. Ya man... These photos are so HUGE! Thank you for linking the site ;)

  3. Thou art most welcome! ;)

    High quality ma!

    Did you know that whatever you upload to blogger automatically goes to picasa and then automatically falls under google's blanketing copyright? heh

  4. Damn it! That sucks.

    It's ok. I'm not superstar yet ;)