Sunday, February 27, 2011

My West-India Rendezvous

I have finally finalised my itinerary of the trip to India. After realizing India is actually a rather HUGE country, I have to drop the romantic idea of travelling on the train for 25 hours just to visit Khajuraho (Temple of Love) in Madhya Padresh.

For Mumbai being so hugely expensive! The cheapest hotel @ the most strategic point cost RM100, which is not too bad if you think about it.

Thanks to the guide book, the internet, and Anju’s (the bride-to-be) who hooked me up with Dheepa, who is so kind to offer to share her apartment in Mumbai :)

There will be some travelling, the wedding is in Kolhapur, a princely state 5 to 6 hours south of Mumbai, 3 to 4 hours south-west to Goa.

Since I will be staying with Dheepa when I am in Mumbai, I decided to spend the money on mineral water, decent food, busses, and 4 nights in Goa.

My itinerary on shoestring budget:

2nd March - Mumbai

· Check in to Dheepa’s Home

· Sleep

3rd March - Mumbai

· Buy local phone number and lots of mineral water

· Shopping for Sarees, accessories, postcards

· Must visit Muhammad Ali Street

· Beauty parlor ;)

4th March – Mumbai/Kolhapur

· Send postcards

· Pick up Sarees and Blouse, if need to

· Walk about town, Snap Snap Snap.

· Getting ready to meet Anju

· Travel to Kolhapur

· Check into Kolhapur

5th March - Kolhapur

· Wedding and party

6th March - Kolhapur

· Wedding and party

7th March – Kolhapur/Goa

· 1 day sight-seeing a.k.a nursing hangover in Kolhapur

· Arrange transport to Goa

8th /9th/10th/11thMarch - Goa

· Check out from Kolhapur, travel to Goa

· Check into Evershine Guest House :)

· Buy Postcards/Send Postcards

· Activities TBC

12th March – Goa/Mumbai

· Check out from Goa, bus to Mumbai

· Taxi… Check into Anjali Inn

· Sleep

13th March - Mumbai

· Go home.



  1. Good itinerary, looks well-planned & thought out.

    Snap! Snap! Snap!

    Ooh, Muhammad Ali is from Mumbai? ;)

  2. i like your itinerary too! you're set!