Sunday, April 3, 2011

1 & half day in Mumbai - Part 2

So, Dheepa and I had really deliscious Thali in Rajdhani.. free flow of bread and rice and dishes and yogurt and sweets for less than RM30, 2 persons!

I can't stop letting out sigh of satisfaction each time I put a handful of food into my mouth... Dheepa was so please she asked, "Is it worth coming to India?"

"Oh yes..." I said, and gobble up the rest of the food.

Rajhani have a special way of working. There are 3 captains on the floor and many servers responsible of different dishes. So, the guy who serve you chapati will not serve you rice, the guy brought you yogurt will not bring you sweets.

Everytime you ask for something, the captain will wave and do a simple hand signal and the right guy will come with the right food. There was no use of calling and shouting.

Very cool.

Though, I do not like Indian sweet very much. But Indian loves their sweets like how they love cricket. Every course will have something sweets in it, and it'll always be dairy based.

A guy came by with a basket of things wrap with betel leaves with a price tag INR20. Dheepa said those are Paan, very good for digestion after a full meal.

You have to do what Indian do when in India, so I took one, opened the outer layer that was not edible, and found it came with a silver leaf.

I had doubt... really... I was not sure if it was a good idea to try it.

As soon as I put it in my mouth... GOSH!!!!!! It felt like I just put Hindu temple in my mouth.

Well... It was not a racist remark. It was sweet... with some areca nut and rose mixture, the after taste was similar to the incent in Hindu temple.

The first thought that crossed my mind was I should spit it out.

Dheepa observed my expression and asked, "Do you like it?"

She obviously liked it, so I politely replied, "Not my favorite."

I finish it anyway, and it was not that bad. Everyone should try it at least once. Not for me, thank you.

We'd spotted a few pretty girls clad in beautiful silk chiffon saris and I went gaga about it...

But Dheepa never fail to put me off with its price - Darn! You can really tell the different from these to the cheap one! I even found sari with LV's logo all over it!

So I kind of accepted that I can't afford the sari I want.

We descended to Nalli and was greeted with rows and rows of colourful and neatly folded fabrics categorised in different price.

Dheepa told them what we looking for, or more like pointing at me and said, "She wants to buy a saree for a temple wedding, and our budget is around 2k to 4k, and the colour must suit her skin tone."

We were lead straight to the INR2k to 4k rows, and very quickly, about 6 to 7 pieces of different colour silk saris lay before us.

All of them felt like really good Thai Silk.

India is one of the largest textile industry in the world, I truly believe the demand of saris made it that way.

How many people in the world actually wrap themselves around 6 meter of cloth and walk at ease like Indian women do?

Indian women ROCKS!

So I spent quite a while in the shop trying on sari to see which is better and finally, I like the purple one with green and gold lining.

I basically ran out of patience.

By the time we paid and came out of City Mall, it was already 3pm. Convinced that we may not find a tailor to get my blouse done, we hired a car to central Mumbai to look for Fab-India.

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  1. Lol, this is funny. A good write up. Would have been perfect with some shots to along.. ;)