Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kolhapur - Part 3

And now! The very event that every lady would look forward to - Mahendi!!!!!!!

In the invitation it said 4pm. Angana was not up for it but Emma was. So Emma and I met downstairs at the lobby and got ourselves an auto and off we went!

Guess what! As we arrived at the club, the people just started to decorate the place and Anju was just getting her Mahendi done, which would take hours!

"The party is not going to start until 6:30pm." Anju said.

Well that's great! Because we was told that Mahendi supposed to start at 4pm!

Here we learned: Everything in India is not going to go according to plan, so don't plan. Just be very very late!

So we went back to the hotel and I continue to nap.

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