Friday, December 2, 2011

Kolhapur - Part 4

So, we went back.

I went back to my room and Angana was watching TV. We checked out a few HOT HOT HOT Bollywood music video, checked out a few pretty cool condom commercials, and kind of watched a movie... in case you're wondering, we were switching channels every 10 minutes... and then we slept.

So I went back to the club later, did not know what to expect. I only knew it was a Mahendi function and only ladies was invited. But I did not know what it was all about.

It turned out to be a party where girls getting their hands don with beautiful flowery patterns and I totally loved it.

those Mahendi artists work pretty fast.

This is a party where all the girls would get to chit chat, have snacks and drinks, and admire the bride's Mahendi and look for the groom's name on her arms.

After I learned that it was for the groom to look for his name on the bride's Mahendi, I went, "Wow! that's Kinky."

But of course, all the girls would check it out and giggle the entire evening.

So I got to know Anju's girl friends from school - Sai Dheepa, Anusha, Aiswarya, and Randeep. They were really nice. They took care of me and made sure I am involve in the party. It felt like I've known them for years.

The even invited me to go shopping with them tomorrow.

It was quite nice until the light is off and everybody started dancing, and it was the hottest party ever!

Bangra! I would only party in India from now on. It was so good you don't need anything else to feel the joy and happiness. Of course a couple of hard drink would help but this is totally GREAT!!!

Everybody move together and it just like those in movies. It seems everyone went to the same dancing school.

Slowly, guys join in the party and the dance floor came alive.

Late that night, Angana joined us also, that shocked me because she said she was not coming.

We dance and laughed the entire night.

One song after another and another and another, when the clock hit 12 mid-night, I thought, so this is what Sangeet is like. We just snack, drink, and dance all night. That's not too bad isn't it.

I was actually hungry.

So when the light came on and music stopped, I thought we should be making a move and started looking for Angana, wondering if we could find some place to have some food...

Strangely, everyone still hangs around, chit chat, some uncles even opening new bottle of whisky.

5 second later, the waiters started arranging long tables with chairs.

10 seconds later, the groom's father announced, "Please be seated, dinner is served."

Dinner at mid-night?

That's a first.

So dinner ends around 1 and we slowly adjourned back to our hotels.

Next adventure - Church wedding.

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