Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Old Church, A Sanctuary

Years ago, I went to Macau. It was only a day trip before I took the ferry to Hong Kong. That was when I met my good friend Andrea, and now he is like a family, since my sisters "adopted" him. It was a long story.

So... Years ago... I was in Macau, strolling through the square near Saint Paulo Cathedral, and on to the museums and spoke to an old man tending an old Museum. I had his photos somewhere, it's gone now. I don't know where my backup is.

Macau was meant to be a touch and go trip anyway. I wanted to go to Hong Kong, but Airasia does not fly to Hong Kong then. So with RM400 budget on flight, I decided it was not a good idea to get in from Macau. It was only a ferry ride away.

I believe I have became a bad writer since I have not been writing properly for a couple of years...

Back to the story, again.

It was after lunch. I was walking along the street, wander along the streets to back alley way and on to a park where old folks and birds are hanging out. The sound of birds singing and the quiet chatter of old folks, the crisp sound of newspaper filipping, the April wind brushing old trees... I remember I sat in the shade for a while, watching people and the still world in front of me.Such a huge difference from Saint Paulo Cathedral where all the tourists hangout.

And then I got up and walk further, and found myself in an old church.

I went in, put in some money in the donation box, and sat down at one of the pews.

An old lady was sweeping the floor. The light, short stroke of the broom against the floor, so careful so the dust will not dance around the hall... and her footsteps light and careful.

The echo of both sweeping and footsteps filled the hall... it was so quiet, I can hear the dust rising and falling...

It was one of the most peaceful moment I had in my life...

It was the longest time I spent in a church, on my own, not during a mass.

The old lady sweeping the floor slowly got closer and closer to me, and our eyes met.

"Haven't seen you for a while," in a low voice, almost whisper, she said "How are are you?"

I smiled. Not going to correct her, and said in the same manner, "Yes. How are you?"

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